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PayPal Stock: Undervalued And Set Up For Long-Term Growth (NASDAQ:PYPL)

PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) is a strong business that has fallen on tough times due to a temporary slowdown in e-commerce growth and management concerns. This has resulted in PYPL stock price growing to what we view as a very attractive entry point in a potential long-term compounder

Before getting into each segment, I think it's important to mention PayPal’s strong business model and economic moat that will persist no matter short-term qualms.

PayPal’s economic moat and its flywheel effect (yes over

LendingClub: Several Positive Catalysts Support Upside Potential (NYSE:LC)

Over the last year of market turmoil, LendingClub (NYSE:LC) has been incorrectly bundled into a group of unprofitable fintech stocks. This has resulted in an over 50% decline in the stock's price and left many investors searching for greener pastures.

Nevertheless, LendingClub remains the leading digital marketplace bank for unsecured personal loans in the U.S and is poised to not only maintain its share and profitability at the current bottom of the credit cycle, but is also ready to increase

Global Self Storage: Overlooked Micro Cap Self Storage Play (NASDAQ:SELF)

Global Self Storage (NASDAQ:SELF) is a niche self-storage REIT which has seen its price decline by over 20% since 2022 highs and has generally traded within a small window over the past few years, due to its nano-cap and stable nature. This decline over the past year is mainly a result of industry-wide woes due to the effects of higher interest rates, a worsening economic environment, and a housing shortage, affecting consumers' ability and need to rent self-storage in many parts of the country.

Nathan’s Famous: Undervalued and Stable

Nathan’s Famous operates in the foodservice industry. The company owns and franchises restaurants under the Nathan’s Famous brand name and sells products bearing the Nathan’s Famous trademarks through various channels of distribution and licenses products for retail and foodservice distribution channels as well.
• Nathan’s is a small cap company that has existed since 1916 and began as a hot dog stand on Coney Island and has grown to become a large brand known not only by New Yorkers, but from p

Westlake Chemical Partners LP: A unique and very low risk opportunity

Westlake chemical partners is a drop-down MLP partnership and requires a K-1 form to be filed. Through drop-down assets from their parent and General Partner Westlake Chemical Corporation, it can buy its assets, primarily ethylene production facilities, which use ethane, natural gas, propane, butane, naphtha, and other materials to produce ethylene which is used in Polyethylene and Polyvinyl chloride or PVC production in the parent company’s facilities.

The company currently has 3 production si

Crocs: Undervalued Consumer Discretionary Opportunity (Reddit Blog Post)

Company: Crocs inc. Ticker: CROX traded on the NASDAQ exchange MC, TEV, & Price (as of Apr. 22): $4.54Bn, $5.29Bn, & $71.18 Sector: Consumer Discretionary Industry: Textiles, Apparels, and Luxury Goods - more specifically Footwear & Accessories Recommendation: Buy Current Analyst Target Stock Price Mean: $150.71 or 103.2% upside

Most of their footwear, as a main staple of their brand and business model, have holes in which Jibbitz can be put in.
• Crocs averages 5 - 6% of revenue through Jibbit

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse: Clearing Up Some Noise (Reddit Blog Post)

Overiew: First of all, of the Bank’s just over 200B in assets, only 16.135B were treasury bonds.
• 983M were maturing in 1yr or less with WA yield of 1.16%
• 14.373B were maturing in 1y - 5yr with a WA yield of 1.43%
• and 779M were maturing in 5-10yr with a WA of 2.96%

Even with a 10-20% decline in value due to higher rates, this would not hurt them too much.

Mortgage-Back Securities: The real cause of this col

Village Supermarkets: Regional supermarket Operator (Reddit Blog Post)

I have been talking a little much about the business since it is fairly simple, but lets get to the financials:

Moving onto to the balance sheet, being under-leveraged means that ROA & ROE are slightly lower than industry averages with ROA of 2.6% and industry of 3.5-4% and ROE of 6.6% and industry of 17.4%. But the upside to this is that stocks like Village trade closer to their equity value and in this case, TBV is 337.39 or P/TBV of 0.97 and BV of 361.58 and P/BV of 0.9.

On the assets side

Signature Bank: Lessons Learned From the Collapse (Motley Fool Submission)

Lessons learned from the collapse of Signature Bank: 3 things to look out for when investing in banks
• None The Failure of Signature Bank of New York (SBNY) represents the third-largest bank failure in U.S history
• None Even though the catalyst that led to the collapse of Signature Bank was deposit outflow, the main cause was poor management
• None Though it is hard to have internal management insight, looking at 3 important things can massively reduce the risk of investing in banks

On March

Energy Transfer: Strong and Diversified Operator (unpublished)

Since 2020, Energy Transfer has declined due to momentary decline in natural gas and crude oil volumes as a result of a decrease in demand due to pandemic pressures. As of July 3rd, 2023, ET has a per unit price of $12.82, still below its 2019 peak of $13.20. Meanwhile, the company has continued to acquire midstream companies at solid multiples, grow EBITDA 20%, grow BVPS 50%, and return to distributions to almost pre-pandemic levels ($1.11 in LTM versus $1.22 in 2019CY).

Though the market stil

ZoomInfo: King of B2B Data or Soon to be Jester?

ZI is a B2B data aggregator and tool provider, it provides contact info on businesses and associated employees and is really just an ancillary marketing tool used most often to significantly expedite client account research and lead generation/verification.

Being founded in 2007, they focused significantly on growing their database while maintaining and increasing quality, allowing them to have the first movers advantage in terms of data and data quality with only LinkedIn and their associated

Algoma Steel: Deeply Discounted Independent Steel producer

Algoma Steel Group is a fully integrated steel producer of hot and cold rolled steel products including sheet and plate. With a current production capacity of 2.8 million tons per year. Algoma has a diverse set of capabilities such as annealing, galvanizing, heat-tempered, and oil products. Algoma’s steel products are used in a diverse set of industries such as automotive, construction, energy, defense, and manufacturing. They are based in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, positioned between Lake Huron